Every year for the past few, I cast a digital net, asking the listeners of the I-95 Morning Show to send me pictures of their Halloween costume.

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The first few years were not great, the costumes were not great, the picture quality was ass, they were simply underwhelming. But this year, this year was pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Danbury Area Folks Showoff Their Creative, Funny and Terrifying Halloween Costumes

Halloween (2022) had some strikes against it. It landed on a Monday and it rained for much of the night. However, there were more positives, the weather was warm, the Greater-Danbury area had a ton of free events and people used a ton of creativity for their costumes. The following were all sent to the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Morning Show on I-95. These folks submitted their photos using the I-95 Rock Mobile App.

I have officially become the Scrooge of Halloween but I know a way out. The last 9 years I've been peer-pressured by my wife Erica into dressing up for Halloween. This is how it goes every Halloween:

  • Erica asks me 1 week - 1 month before, what couples costume we should do.
  • I say "I dunno."
  • She makes several suggestions.
  • I agree to one of them.
  • Halloween arrives, I put the costume on at home and I say no.
  • She gets upset and has to figure something out at the last minute.

This is every year, without fail and we need to get off the hamster wheel. I need a few years off from Halloween dress, and then I will come back with a vengeance. First off the couples costume limits your options. Second, the couples costume ALWAYS goes like this, the lady is a sexy princess, and the guy is a fat, scary goblin. If this is about being something I want to be, other than me, I'm going to be Matthew McConaughey. That happens to be the only person, other than me, I'd like to be for a day.

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Danbury Area Folks Share Their Terrifying + Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

We asked the Ethan and Lou Radio Show listeners (I-95) to send us a photo of their favorite Halloween costume of all-time and they sent the following submissions using the I-95 Rock Mobile App, which happens to be free to download at Google Play or the App Store. 

Haunting in the Hat City - Halloween IS Deer Hill Avenue in Danbury

The Halloween experience in Danbury, CT is all about Deer Hill Avenue. The police close off the street, the homeowners go to great length to decorate their homes and thousands of trick-or-treaters line the street each year in search of candy. Despite some rain, 2022 appeared to be another successful Halloween on DHA. My wife Erica and I brought our daughter Vida (zombie) to enjoy the spooky experience.

2022's Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas

If you need a Halloween Costume, you're likely to take a cruise through Pinterest, that is how we make all of our decisions these days about clothing and pop art. So, who better to share Halloween Costume Ideas than the folks at Pinterest? Like all good American companies, they are obsessed with their own analytics. They reviewed their numbers, in an effort to tell YOU, what YOU are searching for. These are the top 5 trending Halloween Costume ideas for 2022

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