Antonio Brown 

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals
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Let me start with the team I root for to keep things fair. I am an Oakland Raiders fan. I never wanted Antonio Brown, I said the team would regret signing him. He has not played a down for the Raiders and they have plans on suspending him for being a constant nuisance.

Antonio Brown went to war with the NFL to get the helmet he wanted and lost. He had a huge blowout with GM Mike Mayock that came just short of getting physical and he un-followed his own team on social media. Antonio Brown has amazing physical talent but is such a poor teammate he's rendered his own talent useless.

Antonio Brown is not worth having on any team, he is out for himself and he's been in self-destruct mode for over a year. His behavior has put the Raiders in a position where they have to sideline him. His talent does not matter on the sidelines, he's useless, I doubt he'll ever actually play for this team.

The Raiders did not need to be the laughing stock of the league again but they are. They brought it upon themselves by signing Brown. By the way, your helmet looks like it's comfortable and fits your head, thanks for stopping by A-hole.

Dak Prescott

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys
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Dak Prescott is NOT a quarterback, Dak Prescott is a Middle Linebacker playing quarterback. He's never going to be elite and he'll never win the Cowboys a Super Bowl. I don't care about his stats, his QBR, we have enough of a sample size to know the Cowboy's will not get to the next level with him.

Cowboy fans will, of course disagree seeing as they have their head firmly planted in their own rear ends and have for years. History shows that sustained, real NFL winning comes from having a great coach, a great QB and a great front office. The Cowboys have Jason Garrett, Dak Prescott and Jerry Jones in those roles and yet, their fans think every year, is their year.

Good News/Bad News for Cowboys fans. The Good News is, the NFC East is a trash division and despite Dak's shortcomings, the Cowboys can win this division and have a good shot at the playoffs. The Bad news is, this means Dak Prescott will be the quarterback of the Cowboys next year.

Daniel Jones 

New York Giants v New England Patriots
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Daniel Jones will be the starter of the NY Giants no later than Week 7. Eli Manning has to have a winning record by Week 6 to stop this from happening, they will not have that wining record by Week 6. Every single dude drafted in the top 10 in the last decade has played year one and history will repeat itself.

GM Dave Gettleman's plan is playing out right before your eyes. He knew another full year of Eli would get him fired. He knew moving to the rookie who might struggle and benching Eli would get him fired. This plan is to watch Eli fail, have fans call for the kid, make the switch and keep his job. The one guy who can mess with Gettleman's plan is Eli Manning and I don't think there is a chance he gets it done.

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