Just like you probably clicked over here to check in on the craziness that is happening outside, I went over to the National Weather Service to see what the heck was going on. That was where I saw that the current conditions at Danbury Airport were: "Freezing Fog". FREEZING FOG? What?! What the heck is freezing fog and how can I make it go away? It sounds sort of scary!

So I did what I always do when I don't know something, I google. The National Weather Service gives this definition:

Tiny, supercooled liquid water droplets in fog can freeze instantly on exposed surfaces when surface temperatures are at or below freezing. Some surfaces that these droplets may freeze on include tree branches, stairs and rails, sidewalks, roads and vehicles. Extreme caution should be taken if travel is necessary. Freezing fog can cause black ice to form on roadways. Black ice is difficult to see and so particularly dangerous. Drive more slowly when you suspect icy conditions. For those flying, a thin layer of ice can form on aircraft, making flight very dangerous unless the aircraft is treated or has effective de-icing equipment.

That sounds awful! Thankfully, I won't be flying today, but I will be driving to the radio station in a little while to start my show. Let's hope the freezing fog has melted by then.

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