A new study from Zippia set out to determine the most popular New Year's Resolution in each U.S. State.

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The most common New Year's resolution in the Nutmeg State this year was to see a therapist. Connecticut was not alone in this, that was the most popular resolution in 11 other states, including New York and New Jersey. Some of the other states where residents plan to seek help are: Maine, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and Florida. Florida you say?

An overwhelming response to therapy was not the only eye-popping metric coming out of the study, some of the other key findings were:

  • 41% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 9% are successful.
  • Wanting to lose weight is also a popular New Year’s resolution, being the most popular choice in 8 states.
  • 23% of Americans wanted to start living healthier as their New Year’s resolution in 2022.

Getting into therapy was one of the best things I've done for myself. Last year, I was frayed at the edges, I had a really short fuse, nothing pleased me and I was constantly having panic attacks or pretending I was not having them.

Nothing significant was going on in my life to bring this on. I did not lose a loved one, I wasn't dealing with a divorce, nothing too bad was happening from a financial standpoint. With all that, I was still anxious, angry and bitter everyday.

The therapy allowed me to turn that around and in a lot of ways, it prevented me from making mistakes in my life that could have been costly and done real damage. You see, that is my jam, when I'm worried things are going to break, I get to trying to break them myself. That way, I feel like I have some control over it.

Anyway, that is behind me now, I still go to therapy every two weeks but I'm happier, I keep things light and I don't spiral anymore. Yeah, I get anxious still but I don't let it take over, at least I haven't in awhile.

I realize what I am saying is more than kind of corny but you can turn around the feelings you're having. The way your mind is working can be managed or altered. I don't want to take an hour out of my day, I don't want to talk about my feelings with a stranger, I don't want to pay for therapy and I don't want take deep breaths.

Mostly, I didn't want to go through therapy and then come out talking like this. When you go to therapy for awhile you start using words like feeling, identifying, taking ownership, projection, deflection, own your stuff girl...UGH. And yet, here I am talking like every other deranged parakeet that comes out of therapy because it works. Now, I no longer feel the need to punch something or someone. I'm not squeezing the decorative pillows while screaming into them.

Taking the therapy, talking like a sheep, wearing pastels it's all better than trying to cope alone? Isn't it better than hiding in your room or staying in bed all day? I don't even remember the question anymore, or which side I was on?

Just get the help if you need it and don't be ashamed. This world is a really F--- up place, it's not your fault if you're unbelievably stressed, angry or depressed. COVID-19 did a number on us all, no one wants to go out, I can't even be around people anymore without wanting to rush home.

There is constant threat of death from above, financial crisis's, new diseases, odd  weather and the worst thing ever, smartphones. We now carry with us, every thought, feeling and opinion of every human on Earth, in our pocket! We soak this negative energy right off the screen of the phone, directly into our face, around the clock and we're supposed to be OK? Nah, we were destined to be broken by now. 

I just want anyone who reads this to know, they're not alone and they have every reason to be upset over nothing. It's not nothing, it's a lot.

Wow, I'm a machine today, cranking out cliche advice.

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