The Hartford Business Journal recognizes companies that promote wellness programs and are dedicated to the the safety and well being of their employees. According to the Hartford Business Journal, companies who seek to be recognized, must participate in the Healthiest Employers awards program with the HBJ and a Springbuk, a private tech firm.

Seventeen Connecticut companies did just and the second annual list has been released. One company with Danbury ties made the list, Stew Leonard's was ranked 2nd for "Healthy food for sale, healthy workforce on staff." You can see the rest of the list here. 

I like Stew Leonard's, the kids have fun when we take them there, their cookies are bangin' and their giant muffins are the stuff of legend. I just wish I did not have to be a professional escape artist to get out of the store. You have to walk the long lonely walk of loneliness. following through the specific path they have created for you.

I understand why the stores aisles are set up like a fun-house maze. They want you to go through and have to see all of their products before leaving, never skipping an aisle. I respect the hustle but Stew's needs to know I am spiteful and will not spend on things I want because you made me do something I did not want to. In a pinch I'll just tunnel out under the linoleum. Try me.

#tastetherage #scorchedearthpolicy

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