Thankful and grateful are two words that come to mind when reading this story.

Have you ever been on the phone talking to someone and thinking they just didn't sound right? Or worse yet, chatting and then you hear the phone drop, and along with it, your stomach? Would you have your wits about you enough to take immediate action? One Connecticut woman just faced that exact scenario.

Here's the story as reported by , where a phone call from Connecticut to upstate New York recently took place that police say no doubt saved the life of a woman in Tonawanda, New York, who had overdosed on heroin.

Police dispatch got a call from a Connecticut woman at 1:05 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20th. The caller told dispatch she had been talking with her sister on the phone when she felt her sister "didn't sound right" before the phone dropped to the floor. While the Connecticut woman knew what street her sister lived on she didn't have the exact address. Through some quick investigation police thankfully located the house number and they say that when officers arrived, they found the woman passed out with a weak pulse and shallow breathing. They determined she had been using heroin and administered naloxone. The woman became alert and admitted she had been snorting heroin, police said. She was taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Tonawanda police got back in touch with the woman in Connecticut confirming that her call to them most likely saved her sister's life. Proof that if you're ever in a similar situation, act on your instincts.

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