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CT's Steph Matto first entered the world-stage, on the hit reality TV show "90 Day Fiance" but was not finished with her 15-minutes of fame when her time on the show was over. Afterwards, she parlayed that notoriety into social media fame. Matto used her platform to jar, and sell her own farts.

She even claims she had to be hospitalized after pushing too hard to meet demand. After reports of her hospital-stay surfaced, Matto announced retirement from the fart game and says she's moved on to selling her own breast sweat.

In an Instagram post (5/22/22) Matto wrote: "Day in the life of making thousands of dollars selling my ta ta sweat in bottles. All you need is bottles, sun, cha chas, and sit out like a Maple Tree for hours!" The header to the video read: "It ain’t easy work, but no one said it would be! Never thought I’d have this much in common with a maple tree! So excited to share these on my platform @unfiltrdofficial ❤️😛 I get so creative with what I do on there! You can too." 

Matto received thousands of comments from her social media followers, and the results were mixed. These are a few of the responses she got:

alexaspasia: "Omg I need to do this though lol."

mamajoceyy1: "It’s not easy work? Sounds pretty simple lol." 

raider_gooze: "Can dudes get in this action and start selling ---- sweat?" 

abiddy: "How do you collect it?! I’m still Having a hard time figuring out how you caught all those farts."

dmnlmenicou: "Unfollowing. You’re low."

HAHA!!!!!!! People are baffling to me, this dmnlmenicou is OK with jarred farts but bosom sweat is too much for her delicate sensibilities. Like, how is it possible that jarring/selling farts did not make you un-follow, but breast sweat sets you over the edge?

People, they're the worst.

Post Scripts:

  • According to "the internet" Steph Matto is originally from Derby, CT.
  • You can follow Steph on Insta @stepankamatto
  • I've been actively trying to get Steph on the Ethan & Lou Show but we keep missing each other. We were close to booking her at one point, and then it all fell apart.

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