Blow it out your ass, that's what my Grandpa Al used to say.

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One CT woman was doing that, to the tune of big, big money but took it too far. Steph Matto is double famous, for being a reality TV star on 90 Day Fiance and for selling her own jarred farts online, for big cash.

According to Ladbible, Matto recently pushed too hard and ended up in the hospital for what she thought was a very serious condition. The Ladbible report states Matto admits she "overdoing it" and thought she "was having a stroke" after trying to hard to keep up with demand.

She ended up hospitalized and learned she was not having a stroke or heart attack but instead suffering from severe gas pains according to the report. Matto reportedly also admitted to taking extreme measures like living off beans and eggs in an effort to fill her orders.

It looks like Matto will be OK but she has been advised to take it easier and consume gas suppressant foods and supplements so she's agreed to retire from the fart game. She's hanging up her cheeks and favoring health over finances.

She flew too close to the sun on beef flavored wings. She tore ass, tearing ass, she back burped and nearly blew out her back and for what? To fill her orders?  You might have done this, if you've made the $200,000 that Matto has claimed she's made since she started the business in November.

Why is this happening? It's simple, men are deficient, we are broken, injured and seriously sick creatures, that is the only way to put it. I hate to judge, I don't like to wag my finger but this is far too much. What are you doing? You jar sniffing, butt whiffing lunatic.

What did these people do before the internet? These fart fetishists must have spent a lot of time pretending to tie their sneakers at the airport. We've got to come together as a unit, as a group and decide to do better because this is not good, this is really bad.

Do better America, do better Connecticut.

Follow Steph on Insta @stepankamatto

P.S. I have reached out to Steph and requested she appear on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show and we hope she agrees.

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