On October 17th, 2023, Governor Lamont formally announced the new state slogan for economic development, which was previously "Still Revolutionary." The new slogan is now officially "Make It Here," which is a bit confusing to me.

If you know me, you know how much I love living in Connecticut, but I won't deny the fact that, for many, it's financially challenging. At the end of September, I wrote an article titled "New Report Shows a Connecticut Family of Four Needs to Earn Over $100,000 a Year to Survive."

According to an article on usnews.com titled "The 10 Richest States in America," Connecticut ranked #10 with a median household income per year of $88,429. With that said, I gave my Facebook friends a chance to come up with their own Connecticut slogan instead of "Make It Here." I was not surprised by the anger and frustration.

Carlo D."Pay Here"

Russel N.How about ‘Get Out Of Here!'..."We Can't Stand It Here" or "Pay Extra Automobile Taxes Here," or "If You Don't Live In Lower Fairfield County, You Don't Matter Here!"

Jim C. - "Don't we make submarines here?"

Dylan T. - "Get As Bad As NY"

Gary C.“Enjoy The Beauty and Magic of Connecticut!”

James H. - Response to Gary C..."DRUG Screening - Right This Way"

Dennis S. - "So Much Less For So Much More."

James H. - "Reserve Your Moving Truck Early Because We Tax Absolutely Everything..."

Joe N. (Former CT Resident)..."It's Better Somewhere Else"

Greg M. - "Get Out While You Can"

Keith S."See Ya Later"

Joseph S. - "Connecticut...Keep Driving, Nothing To See Here"

Lou B."We're Better Than Florida"

Alan C. - (Comment)..."We have... Smart, intelligent, dedicated, hard-working people in CT..... The only problem is we are all retired .... And you have to take the phones away from the rest!

Donna S. - "Tax It Here"

Tom M."No More Hat Making Mercury Poisoning"

Jim M."Feel the Welcome" (What does that even mean?!)

Billy G. - "Connecticut, Trying To Figure S**t Out"

Jim K. - "Check, Please?!"

Marc J. (Comment) - "Sounds like they are begging, all the big ones are leaving this business unfriendly state.

The final tally shows that 95% of respondents think Connecticut sucks, and only 5% appear to enjoy living here. If you were a legislator in Connecticut, how would you work to make the state a more affordable place to live?

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