Here we go again, scarfing up as much toilet paper and paper towels as possible.

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Right now, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and paper towels are still widely available, but will they continue to be available as the COVID-19 positivity rate continues to rise across Connecticut?

According to retail data analyst Inmar Intelligence, 57 percent of shoppers consider stocking up on the home goods that disappeared from grocery store shelves in April and May. 54 percent of shoppers said they would make sure they keep a large inventory of toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies in the house at all times.

Is this a reason to panic and go on an emergency shopping spree right now at Costco? Almost 70 percent of people surveyed said toilet paper and hand sanitizer were the most important stockpile items.

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According to an article in the Denver Post, a marketing professor at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver has said that the supply chain at grocery stores throughout the country is very stable right now. The consumers who go on these buying frenzies by stockpiling items help cause the shortages on grocery store shelves. Karl Gibbons, President of a management consulting firm, told the Denver Post,

People need to be sensible and they need to be realistic and they need to be considerate of other people. Do you really need to buy that item?

Remember, most grocery stores were caught off guard when the pandemic swooped in at the beginning of March. Most of the large grocery store chains have learned their lesson and are now in the process of stockpiling items that disappeared from their shelves last March. Everyone needs to calm down. You really don't need five shopping carts of paper products.

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