Top Data analyzed casual dining trends in America since the COVID-19 pandemic. While all trends show casual dining is way down in the U.S., there are certain chain restaurants in each state that saw a massive surge when coronavirus restrictions were lifted and or loosened.

Top data complied all their information and picked a winning chain restaurant for each state in our great nation. Coming in at No. 1 in CT, was Texas Roadhouse.

Here were the top 5 in the Nutmeg State:

  1. Texas Roadhouse
  2. Chili's
  3. Olive Garden
  4. Friendly's
  5. I-HOP

How about our neighbors? Both New York and New Jersey took Applebee's No.1 overall. It does not surprise me that CT voted for Texas Roadhouse. I don't know much about the chain nationally, but I can speak for the one on Newtown Road in Danbury.

The food is of course really good, but Texas Roadhouse stepped up in a big way to thank our essential workers when COVID-19 took its grip over our country. They partnered with I-95 radio and continue to do so by providing a meal each week for the very same workers.

They do a lot of outreach in the community and always support our Camping for Cans food drive to benefit the less fortunate in our area each year. Maybe there is more to their success in CT than just a good menu with fair prices.

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