There's a small town in eastern Connecticut, only a few miles away from the Rhode Island border named Sterling, that's having a nasty problem with feral pigs. According to FOX61, some homeowners have reported that wild pigs have decimated their lawns.

Michael Grenier of Sterling told FOX61, "I saw six to eight pigs rooting up my front lawn." The pigs were escapees from a nearby farm, and Grenier told FOX61 that his two-acre lot was destroyed and would cost $23,000 to replace.

Grenier's lot has been destroyed by these unfriendly swine thrice. After the first two episodes, the owner of Radical Roots Farm, where the pigs are from, repaired his damaged lawn. The third time the pigs attacked his lot, the farm's owner couldn't be found, nor did he return any phone calls. I checked the CT Reddit forum to find out what some of their members thought about this unfortunate situation.

Gonzo4994: "Reddit when a homeowner shoots a violent criminal: "we need control this poor man could have changed his life around the homeowner is a monster." Reddit when some pigs get into people's lawns: "Lock and load, get the AR, kill these swine on site"

kimwim43: "Quick! All you good guys with your gunz! Go get ‘em!"

mongolnlloyd: "Finally!!!!! I’m so excited to put holes in some hogs. I’m assuming I can archery hunt these pigs"

Neowwwwww: "They need to be taken care of quickly. Shoot on site."

Professor_Oaf: "Okay, but this is legit the ONLY reason you would need an AR in CT."

Mother_Plant6861: "But they're living creatures and guns bad!" - some dumb vegan who will inevitably come out and block a hunt.

pittiedaddy: "These are not like black bears. They will destroy ecosystems and are incredibly territorial and aggressive. And even domesticated pigs will turn feral in few months, growing thick fur and even tusks. We need an open hunt ASAP. And if they belong to a local farm who's not taking responsibility, too fucking bad. Free bacon."

Feral pigs continue to be a growing problem in the United States, causing billions of dollars in property and agricultural damage every year in the United States. Feral pigs can be extremely dangerous to people, particularly when the pigs travel in herds with their young, and should be avoided when possible. Feral pigs living in the United States have been known to attack without provocation and fatally injure human beings.

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