According to the News Times, new proposed legislation in Connecticut will allow online gaming. The bipartisan proposal would permit the Mashantucket and Mohegan Pequot tribes to establish online gaming parlors in Bridgeport, CT where you could place bets in person or online.

GET. IT. DONE. New Jersey has been raking money since they legalized online gambling in the state and many of those dollars have been Connecticut dollars leaving the Nutmeg State.

Connecticut has had desperate money problems forever and our Governor Ned "The Head" Lamont is dragging his feet to the REAL solutions. Instead of focusing on putting in tolls that will make the entire state hate him and cripple many small businesses he needs to implement my two part plan.

The two part solution:

  • Legalize recreational marijuana BEFORE the other states in the Northeast that have not already.
  • Legalize online gaming.

I know how to fix Connecticut and basically the dumbest person in the State. Why can't our leadership figure it out? As for the morality issues surrounding gambling, New Jersey has had few problems with their gambling parlors causing social issues. Most of the money exchanging hands is not in person but online. The in person betting is "a boys night out" type of thing and I think Bridgeport can handle that.

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