In a COVID-19 world, is it too early to be sending the kids back to the classroom?

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Tens of thousands of teachers, faculty, and staff have been asking the same questions throughout the summer about whether it's safe enough to welcome children back to classroom learning.

Children Maintain Social Distancing at Earlham Primary School
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The workplace social network app, Fishbowl, recently asked this yes or no question, "do you think your state should reopen schools for in-person classes?" Five thousand six hundred seventy-three teachers answered that question, and here are the results.

  • 73.24 percent answered no
  • 11.32 percent answered yes

Out of 213 Connecticut teachers who answered the question, 76.53 percent responded with a no.

There is currently a new national teaching trend that's gaining momentum in Connecticut called learning pods, according to an article on According to, learning pods, or pandemic pods, as they are sometimes called, are small in-person groups of students learning together with the help of an in-person tutor or teacher.

Denise Donofrio, an English teacher at Bridgeport High School who loved her job, recently quit her teaching position to protect her students and her two children. She is now offering her teaching skills to parents who are searching for a professional who offers not only a 'learning pod' approach but also provides a one-on-one teacher-to-student approach to learning. Check out CNBC's take on the 'learning pods' concept.

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