Fact: There have been serious spikes in coronavirus cases among teens and young adults.

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Sherman's First Selectman, Don Lowe told Hearst Connecticut Media,

The lake has never been this crowded. It's never had the kind of use like it has this year. It's something that's going to have to be examined going forward.

Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, chimed in when he found out about an "Uber-like" service that ferries young adults out to the various lake islands to party. He went on to say that officials are even having a difficult time keeping up with the litter, the removal of garbage, and human waste.

New Fairfield Bay - Screen Shot from YouTube Video...
New Fairfield Bay - Screen Shot from YouTube Video...

When you add the coronavirus and how it spreads easily when in close proximity to others, we now have a serious problem. According to Hearst Connecticut Media, Connecticut residents aged 10 to 29 accounted for nearly 43 percent of all new cases, which is up 15 percent since April.

After the Fourth of July weekend, 174 new cases sprouted up in the 10 to 19-year-old age group and 240 cases among the 20 to 29-year-old age group. Dr. Zane Saul is chief of infectious disease at Bridgeport Hospital, and has a message for young adults who don't want to or just don't care to practice social distancing measures, "It's about protecting those people around you. That's the message. If you can't be careful for yourself, be careful for your family and your loved ones".

Remembering Summers Gone By on Candlewood Lake:

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