New Haven Nursing Home Regal Care is facing nearly $1,700 worth of fines because officials say residents have been using drugs.

According to the NY Post, the Department of Public Health levied the fines after they say a resident handed off a dollar bill to another resident covered in white powder. The CT Post reported on the incident first, and they say that bill was later tested and came up positive for cocaine.

The article goes on to say another resident was found unresponsive, lying on the floor just two weeks later. Officials say that resident later tested positive for opiates and cocaine. Yet another resident was said to have been given cocaine by a nurses aide who has since been fired.

Nursing home residents and cocaine use? What?

Now nursing home residents are typically older or elderly people, so this is not the kind of thing you expect to read about. We are, however, in Connecticut -- the state where the elderly rarely fade quietly into the night. Our seniors party so hard, some like to give each other the old "whattya say" (allegedly) in the woods and now they are into the cocaine (allegedly).

It's wild times in the Nutmeg State. The Nutmeg State has never been so nutty.

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