Many people dream of hitting the open road upon retirement.

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For some, the dream takes place in an RV and for others, it's a motorcycle journey that drives them to scratch and claw through Monday after Monday. But one Connecticut man is giving up on his motorcycle dreams saying the roads in the Nutmeg State are far too dangerous.

His screen name is u/dogtitts and he posted the following to the CT Reddit page on Saturday (5/27/23):

"Come on y’all. Do better. I was born and raised in this state and in the last 2 years the drivers have gotten so bad. My dreams of ever owning a motorcycle are for sure over. I shouldn’t feel like I have to say a prayer every time I have to make a 7 minute commute that involves 84.

Slow the f--- down. Take anger management classes… move back to whatever state you learned to drive like s--- in.

Edit: The morons traveling 55 in the passing lane can also get f----d."

#1 - Respect the screen name

#2 - He's right, I've never seen the roads so dangerous as they've been the last few years. I realize I'm getting older and that has to be taken into account. I'm willing to admit that my age is responsible for about 10% of my danger assessment. However, we need to be able to look around and say when things are out of control and they are.


Here are some of the responses u/dogtitts got:

basilysk: "Yeah I can't imagine riding a motorcycle in this hellhole. Even the "calmer" areas like rt8 are still filled with people that I can only assume escaped the insane asylum."

rfunaro6: "You are not wrong I feel like the last 2 years have gotten crazy. Too many selfish and egotistical attitudes and behaviors. People are just so much more impatient and aggressive too. If someone is that mentally crazy when operating a vehicle, just stay off the road damn."

The DeFecto: "LOL came to also say I play a little mini game every day and check my GPS to see if there's been an accident on my way to work on 91/84 to Hartford. Without fail there are always 1 to 2."

AtomWorker: "It's been getting worse for years. COVID just accelerated the trend. However, I personally think a big factor is the influx of New Yorkers. Obviously this is based purely on anecdotal experience, but I see many more drivers doing the kinds of stupid things I used to only see in the NYC area. That list includes tailgating, incessantly changing lanes, cutting across multiple lanes of traffic and jumping onto exit ramps at the very last minute. While that's all routine now it used to be pretty rare."

DDayHarry: "Well, the highways are not being patrolled like they use to."

Danbury, CT has all these problems and more. When people are not trying to kill each other at high speeds it's insane traffic and illegal parking. WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE

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