Another scary internet rumor has been debunked.

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The rumor that's been circulating the internet is that COVID-19 masks can limit oxygen flow, which can then elevate carbon dioxide levels, which can kill you.  Multiple health sources are saying this is not true.

According to, the average mask user has "nothing to worry about." Masks like the N95 that healthcare professionals wear can indeed impede oxygen flow because they fit tighter than a cloth mask but not nearly enough to cause oxygen deprivation. According to an article on, Dr. Zane Saul, Bridgeport Hospital's chief of infectious disease said,

Masks will not impede your ability to adequately extract oxygen from the air. I promise.

According to a COVID update in the Hartford Courant, compared with the rest of the United States, Connecticut ranks as one of the lowest in the transmission of COVID-19 along with low hospitalizations, but we lag in COVID testing. The percentage of active cases in Connecticut is down 94% since late April. Here is why you should wear a mask.

Don't get me wrong, I hate wearing a mask! But I do it to protect my loved ones and myself. Where I live in Connecticut, you're not allowed to enter a grocery store, convenience store, or any type of retail outlet without some sort of face covering. This is why Connecticut is one of the country's leading states where COVID-19 cases are not on the rise. It's not a question of being denied your rights as a US citizen; it's about doing the right thing and respecting your fellow man.

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