One of the most heinous things I can think about in our great Country is anyone having no place to call home.

The issue of homelessness is not eradicated, obviously, until not one human being is left out in the cold, with no place to call home. But major strides in Connecticut have lead our state to a much better place.

Governor Malloy made a major announcement on Jan.12 in a press release on  

The Governor says Connecticut has reached a historic milestone by providing housing to all verified chronically homeless people in the state and Connecticut is the first in the nation to do so. Governor Malloy had this to say:

The State of Connecticut has established a system where we can quickly identify and rapidly place chronically homeless individuals into permanent housing with the support services they need to maintain stability, thanks to the work of our relevant state agencies operating in collaboration with our network of nonprofit community providers

Chronic homelessness is defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as someone who has been homeless for more than a year, has had at least four separate episodes of homelessness in the past three years that add up to a year, and has a disability. It is one of the most visible and costly forms of homelessness.

Obviously, this milestone is no absolute guarantee that no one will become homeless in Connecticut, but it is certainly a huge ray of hope.

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