When the pandemic began, grocery store workers were considered heroes.

They were next in line for the vaccine until the governor revamped the vaccine protocol this past Monday. WFSB has reported that under the new rollout schedule, teachers and childcare workers will receive the vaccine next. Everyone else has been moved to an age-based timeline. Here's what supermarket employee Jason Laviana from Torrington told WFSB;

I've been working on the frontlines serving my customers nearly every day since this started in March. I'm proud of the work I've done and I've never once demanded to stay home for my for my own safety. I have a pre-existing condition and I was counting on this vaccine.

On a personal note, I'm the one who does all the grocery shopping for my family, and I've never once felt unsafe inside my neighborhood Stop & Shop. COVID-19 protocol has always been followed, and I see the same workers every time I'm there wearing masks. They deserve to get their shots ASAP.

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Of course, all teachers should be vaccinated before the kids are back in school full-time, but wouldn't you think that they could wait one more month? Adults are more susceptible to the virus. Children can be infected with the virus, but they have mild symptoms in most cases, or they may have no symptoms.

Local 371 president Ronald Petronella was disappointed with the revamped vaccine protocol telling WFSB, "It's just a general frustration that we've been here. We've been on the front lines all along?"

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