Ned Lamont gathered with other Democratic politicians in Ridgefield, CT Sunday (September 15) for "Pie and Politics."

According to the CT Post, Ridgefield Democrats also welcomed Susan Bysiewicz, our Lt. Governor, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill and many others. The group praised Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi for keeping Ridgefield one of the safest towns in CT over the years.

Did they have punch and pie, I wonder? Maybe they gathered to talk about taxing the air we breathe? No, I know what it was, it was to hang out and celebrate what a great place Connecticut is for keeping secrets. From innocent mistakes like setting baseball fields ablaze to why towns like Cornwall don't have to answer questions about the mysterious Dudleytown, Connecticut is a wonderful place for "cover-ups."

The whole world is media now for better or worse. This means we are closer to real transparency than ever before, not Connecticut. This is the state that dares to be opaque, the state has zero problem covering up the truth so privileged people don't have to be embarrassed. I hope the pie was dry and the milk was warm.





You can't make it up, this is "La Resistance."

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