Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont jokingly claimed credit for Tom Brady's move to Greenwich on Wednesday (Jan 15.), tweeting this:

I mean, we all knew the depth of his wit, but this one is too much. Talk about side splitting laughter -- you are killing me. While I enjoyed this joke immensely, it's not my favorite Lamont joke. No, his best joke would have to be hiring is unqualified, rapper cousin to a desirable state position.

That one was a knee slapper, but he didn't stop there. He then rescinded the job offer after public outrage over the hire. I also nearly peed myself laughing when he said, "I couldn't care about that s---!" when responding to a reporter's question about how his toll plan has impacted his popularity.

Maybe it is time to run screaming out of this state, as so many people have done. I mean, the leadership is terrible and douche canoes like Brady are moving in. These recent events have me reconsidering residency.

Tom and Ned deserve one another. Maybe they can get together and trade stories about lying -- we know they are both skilled liars.

You're too much, Ned.

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