If you recently tested positive or were exposed to COVID-19, the State of Connecticut is looking for you to be a part of clinical trials to study the coronavirus' treatment and prevention.

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If you were diagnosed with COVID and tested no more than five days ago and haven't been hospitalized, you could be eligible for the trials, according to danburyhospital.org. You could also be eligible if you've been in close contact with someone who already has the virus no more than three days ago, and you're not exhibiting any symptoms.

If you fit the criteria, click on covidplasmatrial.org to learn more, or apply for the COVID-19 Plasma Trials. The trial's purpose is part of a study to assess whether antibodies from people who have recovered from COVID-19 can prevent others from getting the virus.

Colombian Scientists Research Advancements On Convalescent Plasma For COVID-19 Treatment
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The trials are being carried out at Danbury and Norwalk hospitals, and if you're chosen, you will be compensated. Before you apply, keep in mind that you will be monitored over a four-week period if you're accepted. To read all the specifics about your role in these clinical trials, click on danburyhospital.org.

Nuvance Health is searching for volunteers across the country to "test the effectiveness of convalescent blood plasma for outpatient COVID-19 study intervention". Only four individuals from Connecticut have expressed interest in participating in the study trials so far. If you need more specific information about the trials, call 845-230-1411.

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