Aquiline Drones is a Hartford, CT based company that claims to be the fastest growing drone manufacturer in America. According to a recent press release from Aquiline, the company is just weeks away from offering a "Drone-On-Demand" program via mobile app.

Company founder and CEO, Barry Alexander, had this to say about the Drone on Demand (DoD) application:

Many individuals, businesses, law enforcement agencies, public works departments, and the military are missing out on the invaluable data collection capabilities of drones because they lack the resources for an in-house drone operation.

Alexander offered more:

Drones are difficult to control. One bad move and an amateur pilot could be looking at hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage, or a full drone replacement. Drones also have an unfortunate reputation as annoying gadgetry utilized to invade privacy.

What might the on-demand drones be used for? According to the presser, they include but are not limited to:

  • Aerial photography
  • Videography
  • Utility inspections (power lines, wind turbines, bridges, tunnels, railroad tracks, etc.)
  • Outdoor events
  • Real estate
  • Safety patrol,
  • Search and rescue missions
  • Precision farming
  • Tracking wildlife
  • Beach patrol
  • Spotting sharks

The company release explained why there is a need for this service, saying:

Drones offer unparalleled views from above, but the cost and complexity of operating drone equipment often outweigh the benefits for many organizations – even for individuals.

Aquiline boasts AI-assisted object recognition, target tracking, 4K video recording, thermo and night-vision and call it a unique experience of interacting live with the drone during flight, plus you can later obtain footage of the recorded content.

Smells good on paper, I worry about individuals with the money to afford the service and bad intentions, but what do I know? Like, maybe you are beefing with your neighbor and want to spy on them, maybe you are not getting along with a family member and you want to spy on them or in a heated dispute with your mailman and want to spy on them. I smell a lot of spying.

P.S. If you are currently fighting with your neighbor, a family member and your mailman, there is a solid chance you are the problem and no amount of spying is the answer.

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