Ashley Madison is a website/service dedicated to helping people cheat on their spouse. A recent internal study conducted by Ashley Madison and published in the Journal of Sex Research ranked the top cities that are active on the service and CT cities steered clear of danger.

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According to the NY Post, CT did not make the top 20 cities in America for activity on the site, the top 3 cities are as follows:

1. Miami, FL

2. Orlando, FL

3. Las Vegas, NV

Florida and Sin City, Florida you say? Florida was responsible for a whopping 15% of the Top 20 list. The top 3, were not at all, a surprise but there were a few shockers that made the top 20 like St. Paul Minnesota.

It does get damn cold in Minnesota and they say nothing heats a body up, like a strange body. Who says that?

So, what is that kept CT off this list? After living in the Nutmeg State for years, it's clear as day for me. No state in America likes it's secrets more than CT. CT is the home of ghost towns, corrupt politics and organizations like Yale University's "Skull N' Bones."

Of course we would not rank highly on a website that is famous for arranging sexual encounters outside marriage. CT residents probably cheat as much as any other state but they are likely doing it, using a service that is not word renowned for it's cheating practices. Maybe on "The Dark Web?"

The study also says women are cheating a lot more than they used to. One of the reasons the study pinpointed is that women believe the sex was better because it allowed them to experiment more.

Way to CT! Whoo-Hoo! We did it.

P.S. I heard "The Dark Web" is accessed by shutting off your computer monitor and Googling blindly.

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