Individuals who are filing for unemployment are at record levels but there is some hope.

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According to the Hartford Courant, some companies are hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ace Hardware: Connecticut has 20 Ace Hardware locations throughout the state. For positions in distribution or retail, click on

Amazon: Amazon is still hiring for thousands of jobs. In the Hartford area, there are opportunities for drivers and warehouse workers. To view the posts available, click on amazon. job 

CVS Pharmacy: CVS is looking for pharmacy techs and retail store associates. You can apply by clicking on

Lowes: Lowes currently has close to 100 jobs available, including seasonal receivers, cashiers, and sales associates. Find out if they have one for you at

Instacart: Instacart is an in-home grocery delivery service with jobs currently available in the Hartford area. Click on

Fed Ex and UPS: Both of these delivery services are ready to hire due to the increase in online shopping. Both companies are searching for package handlers, warehouse workers, and supervisors. For jobs available at Fed Ex, click on For available UPS jobs, click on

To access all the available jobs in this Hartford Courant article, click on If you're searching for a job in the greater Danbury area, one of the best sources is,

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