This six-year-old is all about what this world needs right now.

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Stella is only six, and she probably isn't fully aware of how happy she's making dozens of Old Lyme's residents. Stella loves to hand-paint beach shells, and she loves to make people smile.

One day as she was taking a walk around the neighborhood with her grandmother, Stella brought along one of her handpainted shells and placed it into one of her neighbor's mailboxes according to an 'Everyday Heroes' WFSB YouTube video.

The neighbor left her a note thanking her for the shell, saying that it made her smile. That's all that Stella needed to hear to start up her neighborhood shell delivery service because all she wanted to do was make people smile. Stella calls herself the 'Old Lyme Shell Fairy.'

This heartwarming story reminds me of an article I wrote on May 13 titled 'New Fairfield Rocks With Creative Symbols of Hope and Kindness.' I had gone out to fetch my mail when I looked down and saw a small little rock that had been painted black with I-95 painted in red. I was touched that someone would take the time to create that little masterpiece and leave it for me.

Ethan Carey Photo
Ethan Carey Photo

New Fairfield Rocks With Kindness


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