Halloween is approaching fast and I'm ready for it.

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It's amazing, we have an entire holiday that is based around fear and our attraction to it. We strip away our insulation from macabre, disturbing or gruesome thoughts. Instead, we lean in and intentionally give ourselves a good scare. If you live in the Greater Danbury area, you already know which place conjures the scariest thoughts, it's infamous here. Fairfield Hills in Newtown, CT is easily one of the scariest places around.

Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital was open from 1931 until 1995 and housed criminally insane patients from all over the State of Connecticut.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Creepy CT - New Images Beyond the Walls of Newtown's Abandoned Asylum - Fairfield Hills

Since it's frowned upon (illegal) to go inside the buildings without permission, there are not that many photos/videos from inside the walls. When a new video or photos surface, I jump on it, and that is exactly what I did when these images appeared on September 23, 2022.

Below is the new video from Inside the Walls of Fairfield Hills posted by the Imaginary Friends Adventure Club. It's titled: "Abandoned Fairfield Hills State Hospital Asylum Building Newtown CT Inside Explore Patient Housing." One of the more interesting observations the explorer made was that the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom, still had paper towels in it.

I need to go "inside the walls" after watching a Disney Pixar joint not after a marathon of Horror movies. I would not be able to do "Halloween", "Smile" and then the "Exorcist" and just roll up in there and expect not to be startled by a spider because that is exactly what would happen. I also have very helpful friends who would leap out from behind the door with a rake in their hand, only to learn I'm not willing to die tonight, so they'd be attacked with "foot-only karate."


See more images from Inside Fairfield Hills.

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