Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital was open from 1931 until 1995 and housed criminally insane patients from all over the State of Connecticut.

Since it's frowned upon (illegal) to go inside the buildings without permission, there are not that many photos/videos from inside the walls, which is why I was surprised to see these appear on Youtube just last week (12/23/20).

Images From Inside Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital in Newtown

A user by the name of @mR. cHoW posted the video and refers to himself as Mike in it. The images above are stills from the video he captured. Mr. Chow does goes for a drive and gets gas for the first 17 minutes and change so skip ahead to the 18:00 mark to see inside. At the 25:00 mark, he encounters a flood in the stairwell.

P.S. I'm not encouraging anyone to go there so save your breath on that one. Live your own journey and leave me out of it.

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