After a long holiday weekend I was scrolling through my feed and found a Reddit story that really struck a chord with me.

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It was posted to the CT Reddit group by u/Entire_Confidence913 on Sunday (5/28/23) and they wrote:

"So I have a neighbor. Who likes to help out the other neighbors, whether they ask for it or not. I found him this morning mowing my front yard. We've never been friends, just Neighbors. I came down, and thanked him but told him he needed to stop. I'm feeling a bit creeped out about it. Is this a normal Connecticut thing?"

Here were some of the many responses that appeared in the thread:

Entire_Confidence913: "That's awesome and I've had situations with some of my neighbors similar to that. I just don't particularly like this gentleman. I have no issues with being civil. If his father fell down in front of me I pick the gentleman up. Other than that I want nothing to do with him."

unionqueen: "My neighbor was from India. He knew my husband worked long hours at the nuclear plant. He slowblowed our driveway and sidewalk. Every year he went to India and my husband checked on their house. My husband gave him hot green peppers from the garden and the wife made a mustard from them. Otherwise we rarely spoke. Very nice people."

santaklaw: "Tell him that you prefer to mow your lawn but you know someone (me) who would be thrilled to have him come mow my lawn anytime he wants, he can do my entire lawn as much and as often as he wishes."

Paleinspector4820: "I think I saw this movie - did Bill Murray play the old man?"

chunkydrunkymonkey: "I feel snowblowing is different. At my old house, I just snowblowed my block’s sidewalk because most of my neighbors were elderly and if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t be able to walk my dogs. I also found it to be a public safety issue and I didn’t want people getting hurt if I could do something about it. Mowing someone else’s lawn doesn’t really have any benefit to the person doing it and it’s not a public safety issue."


This is precisely the kind of weird thing that happens to me all the time where people get a little more friendly than I am comfortable with. Whenever I say something to others about it, I'm told I lack gratitude. They say "oh, you're just an a-hole." I am an a-hole but being upset about someone mowing your lawn from out of nowhere is not one of the examples.

I'm a person that feels weird in many social situations but I manage. That is why when I'm in my home, on my front lawn, in my car I don't want to be forced into a social situation by someone who is trying to be "nice." Mowing someone's lawn without asking or being asked is a low key A-hole move that is masquerading as an act of kindness.

Man mowing the grass on a riding mower

ANNNNDDDD...the forced socializing was just the first thing I thought of that is bothersome. I'm also very particular about the way my lawn looks. I also like mowing my own lawn AND I don't want anyone getting hurt on my property. AND I don't like the idea of someone doing something for me if I don't ask for their help. Holding a door is one thing, please don't touch my lawn.

Wow, this one hit me in the ribs.

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