36 year-old Lenny Cubilette was arrested in Danbury on Wednesday (5/25/22) and charged with multiple drug offenses.

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A press release from the Danbury PD states that Cubilette "was known to detectives" as they have arrested him in the past for narcotics violations. Cubilette was already under surveillance as part of an existing investigation, when officers say they saw him engage in what they believed to be a drug deal.

Danbury Police Sergeant John Krupinsky tells the press that Cubilette was seen meeting with a person, getting into their automobile and then exiting the vehicle a short time after. Officers say Cubilette's actions "were consistent with drug sales."

After the alleged drug transaction, Cubilette drove his vehicle to a parking lot on Federal Road, parked the car, and officers moved in to investigate further. The police blocked Cubilette in, he reportedly attempted to flee, and he struck a police vehicle in the process.

The authorities removed Cubilette from his vehicle, placed him in custody and he was brought to police headquarters. At HQ, a more detailed search was conducted of Cubilette's person, and police say they found drugs on him. According to the report, the drugs were found in Cubilette's underwear.

Cubilette was allegedly in possession of 66 grams of cocaine (powder/crack form). DPD seized Cubielette's vehicle (2012 Honda Accord) and $977.

The information provided came from Sergeant John Krupinsky, and the investigation and arrest were handled by Danbury's (SID) Special Investigations Division.


Cubilette is facing the following charges:

  • Possession of a controlled substance 2 counts
  • Poss. of over 1 ounce of crack with intent to sell
  • Possession of under 1 ounce of cocaine with intent to sell
  • Interfering with the duties of a police officer
Danbury PD
Danbury PD

P.S. Think about that the next time you are about to fire some drugs up your nose, they may have been transported next to someone's kiwi pouch.

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