"Each person has a right to an environment free from noise that may jeopardize their health, safety, or welfare." Those are the words from the first section of a proposed noise ordinance from lawmakers in New Fairfield, according to an article from News Times.

I wrote about this long-lasting issue back in August of 2016. Look, if "Let's Get It" by Young Jeezy rattles your cage, that's cool by me, but if you're hip hoppin' it at max decibel level 500 feet from my pontoon on Candlewood Lake, your scarin' the ducks, dude!

They're probably thinking, "If it's too loud, you're too old, pops!" And I'm saying, "If you're crankin' your jam where other boaters can have their own dance party to YOUR music two to three football fields away, courtesy and common sense should tell you that you're bothering other boaters by pumping out 'Pass Dat' by Jeremih at max volume."

New Fairfield lawmakers are attempting to regulate activities that cause "excessive, unnecessary, unreasonably loud" noises or disturbances in town and on the lake. Last summer, several unresolved noise complaints came from residents who lived in town and those who lived on or nearby Candlewood Lake.

Let me ask you a question. How would you like it if I cranked up some "Sweet Baby James" through my 4 sub-woofers on my antique pontoon boat? You'd most likely flip me off, right? So, please, all I'm asking for is some common courtesy.

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By all means, play your music, whether it's Biggie Smalls or B.B. King, but on behalf of all the other boaters enjoying Candlewood Lake, I'm just asking you to keep the volume to a respectable level. Thank you.

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