Just when you thought we could take a break from crazy, this gem comes along with a solution for ladies tired of dealing with the male species.

Well, this seems reasonable. First, we identify the problem. Men are the problem in the world, check. Then, we obviously have to come up with a solution to that problem. The simplest solution is to kill all the men, makes sense. You can't stop there. You can't because there are all these male babies that will grow into giant oppressors of the female, so we need to kill the babies.

Are we all clear on what needs to happen here? Kill the ALL the men and the male babies. Problem solved and the world will run like a top.

If you are not scared for your children, your not paying attention. It's not that there are psycho extremists in our world that bothers me. What really bothers me is that they seem to be everywhere we look. Let's just say I disagree with this lady. How bout we stop killing all together? Sound good?

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