By a vote of 114 to 35, Connecticut's House of Representatives has powerfully passed Governor Malloy's bump stock ban.

According to the Danbury Daily Voice, even though the House has voted in favor of banning bump stocks, the measure must still be passed by the state Senate to make it a law. Bump stocks are attachments that make a semi-automatic weapon, like an AR-15 rifle shoot nearly as fast as fully automatic machine guns. CT Governor Daniel Malloy who proposed the law had this to say:

I cannot see one legitimate reason why anyone needs to own a bump stock other than the mass shooting of people.

The debate in the House chamber went for 5 hours with Republicans and Democrats going back and forth on the issue. Republican Rob Sampson said,

We are banning a weapon that has never been used in a crime in our state. It is not our role as legislators to be the overlords of our constituents.

12 of the rifles the gunmen carried into his hotel room in Las Vegas that killed 32 and injured 851 were modified with bump stocks. So let me ask this question, what are your thoughts on outlawing bump stocks?

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