A Riverton, CT woman had to find some way to see her stepdad, and she succeeded.

Every single day, Lacey Lizzy would stop by to visit her stepdad, who was a resident at the Cherry Brook Health Care Center in January. She told nbcconnecticut.com that he was her best friend since she was 10-years-old. But then, the pandemic fell like a cloud over the world and Lizzy wasn't able to visit anymore.

As you may be aware, all visitors have been banned from nursing home visits after Governor Lamont issued the order to protect the elderly from catching COVID-19. Lizzy decided she needed to at least see her stepdad's face.

After receiving permission from Cherry Brook, Lacey asked a family friend who owned a bucket truck if it might be possible to lift her up in front of the window of her stepdad's room. She held up signs that said, "Hi pops," and "hugs and kisses." She told nbcconnecticut.com,

I was just concentrating on making eye contact with my dad. He looks good you know, he looks happy and content and it's just a little piece of mind for today.

Have you come up with an imaginative way to "visit' a loved one during the coronavirus pandemic? Tell us your story.

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