Connecticut's National Guard is helping the devastated island of Puerto Rico, and now some of our State Troopers will come to the rescue as well.

I know the devastation that hurricane season brought this year to our shores. Texas and Florida are still reeling from the after affects. I have relatives of very dear friends of mine that lost their home in Texas, and as a homeowner myself in Florida, I watched in horror as Hurricane Irma hit the area where my place is. Thankfully we incurred no damage, others were not as lucky.

Texas and Florida aside, the ongoing tragedy that is now the every day norm for the people of Puerto Rico is mind boggling to me. Thankfully Connecticut is stepping up once again. We already have more then 100 Connecticut National Guardsmen deployed to the area. Now more help is on the way.

A press release from Governor Malloy's office just made this announcement:

Connecticut is home to some of the bravest, brightest, and most selfless state troopers in the nation. I’m incredibly proud of the troopers that volunteered to assist the people of Puerto Rico in their time of need, and wish them a successful tour of duty, and a safe return home. These deployments build upon Connecticut’s major hurricane recovery support efforts, including the over 70 recovery missions engaged in by our National Guard

Thirteen Connecticut state troopers are headed to Puerto Rico to help with the ongoing relief effort from Hurricane Maria. Twelve of the troopers are fluent in Spanish. The troopers left on Nov. 27 from Connecticut. They will be aiding local authorities in Puerto Rico with security and traffic control.

My heart swells with pride.

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