Man, I have always wanted to do this, be a "scare actor" at a haunted house and there is a haunted attraction in Goshen, CT that is calling out for help this Halloween season.

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Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees were both making their way through theatres all through my high school years and horror movies were almost a daily thing. So when Halloween came around each year we made it a point to visit all the local "Haunted House" attractions in our section of the country. I always thought it would be amazing to be one of the ones who actually "worked" in the haunted house. "Work" is a word that most who are a part of the business may not use to describe what they do, very much like my job.

Amazon/New Line Cinema/Crystal Lake Entertainment
Amazon/New Line Cinema/Crystal Lake Entertainment

One of my favorite things to do is watch documentaries, and there are a couple that are about the "Haunted House" industry that are staples in my background TV watching rotation. Yes, "background TV watching" is a thing, we will get into that another time. Anyway, there is a new outdoor haunted attraction about 45 minutes from here that is looking for scare actors to help them out this season.

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According to, Americans spend between $300 and $500 million each year on haunted house tickets, that's a lot of scratch and you could get your hands on some of it if you can do the job that is. The Forsaken Lands Outdoor Haunted Attraction is looking for scare actors for the 2022 Fall Season. This is from their Facebook post from July 4th:

Now Hiring! - Do you want to BE THE FEAR?! The Forsaken Lands Outdoor Haunted Attraction, Connecticut’s newest dimension of fear, is looking to hire 45 scare-actors for the 2022 Fall season.
Job Summary: Scare-actors will be expected to safely scare/ entertain guests while maintaining their designated scene or area of the attraction, working side by side with fellow scare-actors. Scare-actors will be required to wear and maintain assigned costumes, masks, special FX makeup, and properly handle props for up to 5 hours a night on Fridays and weekends from September 30th to November 5th. (NO PRIOR ACTING EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED)
We will follow-up with you after receiving your application, and will inform you of the available dates to attend an audition/ interview. Audition and interview information can also be found on our website at, as well as our social media pages. Everything will be held at our location, Action Wildlife (435 Torrington Rd, Goshen, CT 06756).
They have a full listing of the duties and responsibilities on their Facebook page. If you apply, let us know how it goes, and take a lot of pictures too. ;)

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