If your commute takes you North to South in Connecticut, you're in good shape typically traffic-wise. But us East to West commuters have it bad, especially in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. I95, the Merritt Parkway, and 84 are the main arteries that carry most of the vehicle traffic between Boston and New York City, and they're all constantly clogged.

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Waterbury to Danbury commuters especially take it on the chin. We can utilize bus and train service from either city to get anywhere, except to each other. It's I-84 or nothing. That typical 30 minute trip between Waterbury and Danbury is taking an hour, or sometimes more. Bad accidents, construction, and general congestion, we see it all.


Does it seem to you that the 84 corridor between Danbury and Waterbury has been mass-transit ignored?  I've spent years of my life at a crawl from Newtown to Danbury, Middlebury to Waterbury. I'm at the point where I'm jealous of our shoreline access to train service, and how us mid-staters have to endure transfers in Bridgeport, or a bus shuttle to get to New York City. Is there enough need in our Waterbury to Danbury corridor to think about a commuter rail service that cuts through mid-Connecticut along I-84?

It doesn't get any better going along 84 between Waterbury and Hartford, although there are many miles of three (or more) lanes, Southington, New Britain, and West Hartford are all booming. That's why I'm fantasizing about a rail line along 84, can we talk with the contractors that own ESPN off Exit 31 of I-84 in Bristol? Get a legion of Mouseketeers of build a nice monorail between Danbury and Manchester?

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