Great news, CT state parks get the green light from Governor Lamont to stay open.

Danbury's Hamlet Hub is reporting that Connecticut's state parks will be allowed to remain open but must follow the guidelines of social distancing as outlined by the CDC. Walks and hiking are a healthy avenue for reducing stress but are not allowed in groups. 

Mindy and I were at Squantz Pond last weekend for a walk and so were several families accompanied by their kids and pets. We were easily able to practice social distancing because the park wasn't even close to full capacity as it is during the summer months.

The CDC is asking park-goers to warn other trail goers of your presence and as you pass, to allow proper distance and to step off trails to allow others to pass. Indoor spaces at Connecticut State Parks and Forests are closed as are public restrooms.

For a list of Connecticut State Parks in the greater Danbury area along with the CDC guidelines for hiking and/or walking, visit the CT DEEP website here.

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