Avery's Soda Company in New Britain has decided to take a stand against Putin's invasion of Ukraine by creating a new soda flavor called 'Putin Punch,' with a portion of the profits going to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Avery's General Manager Rob Metz told the Hartford Courant the drink is a "fruit punch with a twist" and said that at least 50 cents of every bottle sold would be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross. The blue and yellow boxing glove on the bottle punching Vladimir Putin in the schnozz are the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

'Putin Punch' has been such a big seller that currently it's only available at Avery's plant at 520 Corbin Ave. in New Britain. Stew Leonard's also has a limited supply of soda. Single bottles sell for $2, but if you buy multiples, they are only $1.50.


Metz told Fox61, "This is a small thing, but it's something we can do to help the Ukrainian people." The Russian invasion of Ukraine changes as each day passes. As of this writing, according to the Toronto Star, Russian forces captured the strategically important hub of Kherson on Wednesday, Ukrainian officials said, making it the first major city to be overcome by President Vladimir Putin's forces since the invasion began Feb. 24.

According to the New York Times, Russian troops have been attacking hospitals, schools, and critical infrastructure in key cities in the southern and eastern portions of Ukraine. So far, 141 countries have voted in favor of a resolution that condemns Russia's invasion.

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