Have you ever eaten a fiddlehead? It's a baby fern, some say it tastes like asparagus or broccoli. It's an earthy, deep-forest, furled green that's sure to freak out the kid expecting corn. It's finally getting warm enough to forage, but I heard a troubling rumor about out of state foragers coming into Connecticut.

While I was out walking my dog along the Naugatuck River, I bumped into a young couple from Harwinton who were out looking for any fiddleheads that escaped view. From what they told me, Connecticut is rife with foragers from Boston, who illegally wipe out fields of our fiddleheads to sell to the Northern New Englanders. Eastern Connecticut, East of the Connecticut River near East Hampton is where they used to try to find a few bags in previous seasons, but post-pandemic they've had greater success in Litchfield County near Burlington and Nassahegon State Forest.

Can you forage for fiddleheads in Connecticut? Why yes, but like everywhere else in this world, make sure it's public, not private property, or ask permission. Here's a few tips on foraging fiddleheads from CBC Life

According to Outdoorapothecary.com, the Ostrich Fern is most common found here, and each plant should have 5-7 fronds growing near the base. Fiddleheads prefer cool weather, like we've had so far in Connecticut 2024, and you'll find them in deep, rich soil on wet, swampy grounds near stream, creeks and the Naugatuck, Housatonic, and Connecticut River. Most importantly, forage responsibly, never take more than what you need.

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