A lot of studies get released this time of year.

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You'll read rankings of the best beaches in America by state, who has the best quality of life or which state is the best for road trips. When you review these studies, CT will sometimes leave you asking, "why do I even live here?"

And then the public school system is factored in, and the answer becomes clear, education. Connecticut is a great place to develop opportunity for your child at a young age. In a new Wallet Hub study, the Nutmeg State ranked 2nd overall for its public school systems, trailing only Massachusetts. Our New York neighbors were 17th and New Jersey came in at #3.

The worst state in the nation for a public school education was New Mexico at 51. There are 51 to make room for the District of Columbia. So what factors were weighed? Wallet Hub looked at the following:

  • Dropout Rate
  • Math Test Scores
  • Reading Test Scores
  • Median SAT Scores
  • Median ACT Scores
  • Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Percentage of Injured or Threatened Students
  • Bullying Incident Rate

CT ranked number 1 on Median ACT scores, we were 5th in student-teacher ratio and 3rd in reading scores in the nation.

Sure, you drove to a job that is too far from where you live, you hit 400 potholes on the way, you're overworked, underpaid and your taxes are through the roof. But, your children's education is in the right hands so that is something that should help you sleep better at night, right?

Unless you don't believe studies like this one, or think Wallet Hub has a slanted agenda. I wouldn't judge you for that, I don't trust anyone either, but I am going to take this as the first piece of good news I've received all day.

P.S. New York residents should be pissed. New York spends more money on its students than any other state and the public education system was ranked number 17.

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