I'm certain I'm not going to live long enough to know the real answers to personal health. It seems every year the medical community is changing the answers and moving the goal line.

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There are three questions that science cannot agree on:

  • Are eggs good for you?
  • Is moderate alcohol good for you?
  • How much sleep is the healthy amount?

A recent study claims to have the answer again. CT By the Numbers recently published the results of a study from America's Health Ranking the United Healthcare Foundation. The key results say in general, Americans are not getting enough sleep.

CT's numbers were particularly poor. Nutmeg State residents ranked 24th for insufficient sleep with a whopping 32% of residents getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night. What is the key amount of sleep? They did not break any news there, the study said the optimal amount of sleep is 7-9 hours for adults ages 18-60.

Damir Khabirov
Damir Khabirov

The study also talked about the dangers of a lack of sleep. They keyed in on driving performance which is a serious problem in CT. We've seen a lot of vehicle v. car accidents the past few years. According to WTNH, there were 74 pedestrian deaths in CT for the calendar year 2022.

I'd be interested to see the social side effects of our sleep problem. Our statewide reputation isn't a cuddly one. Folks here in Connecticut are not known for being overly kind to one another and I have to imagine sleep is a factor. We don't need to look beyond our own personal lives to know how our personality can change for the worse when we're tired.

Let's all do ourselves and each other a favor and go to sleep, right now.

healthy sleep. happy family parents and children sleeping in white bed at home.

P.S. Personally, I prefer to sleep 10 hours a day. I know that is a ridiculous amount of sleep and isn't super realistic for most humans. But I love to sleep, there is nothing better than plunking a pillow between your knees and passing all the way out.

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