Someone wrote, "Why are you guys posting all these license plates?"

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I was wondering myself, why are so many people on the Connecticut Reddit page posting vanity plates from around the state? After five or six posts, I stopped wondering and just enjoyed the show. Whatever the reason, license plates are so hot right now on Reddit, and that is exactly what someone posted.

This one is head scratching, how do you get this crass declaration by the "genius bar" at any CT DMV?

I wasn't the only user playing catch-up, this user was inquiring and submitting all at once.

I'm not trying to do this, I mean there is a theme developing here but I'm not sifting through these posts to make them fit my 13 year old boy humor. This is what is out there.

When I laugh out loud now, I don't know what to text because I use LOL all the time just to be polite.

I love that this guy just answered the question before we asked it.

I really wish I could have been there when this photo was taken, with my family so I could watch my sisters try and figure out what we are all laughing at.

With a plate like that, it's no wonder it's hanging on the wall rather than a car that runs.

Where do you think they went? Florida?

Say it ain't so! A CT, Land Rover Driver, nah!

I think you made a wrong turn.

And they say America runs on Dunkin'

So what's your favorite show?

Those must be some delicious pizzas.

Me too bro, the truth is out there.

It's always the person who says this that is knee deep in it.

This would be funny if it were on a Chrysler.

So Simple, so fun.

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