WOW, I didn't see this coming. A survey from the popular website WalletHub ranks Connecticut in the bottom 10 of the "Most Fun States in America." In fact, we're even below Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Louisiana in the fun department. How can that be? Are we that boring?

Connecticut ranked in the bottom ten at #43. WalletHub published the survey, and the website pitched in by letting us know why we suck. Apparently, these are the following reasons why.  

  • CT has one of the worst access to national parks.
  • CT has a scarcity of scenic byways...Well, that is total bull@#t. Have the rankers ever driven the roads in #32 ranked Iowa?! We have some of the most beautiful roads anywhere in the United States.
  • They say CT has subpar beach quality.
  • And, last but not least, Connecticut has minimal state and local finances directed to parks and recreation.

Let's go take a look at the top 5 'Fun' states and the bottom 5 'Fun States' according to and we'll see if you agree with their findings.

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