A man was facing three counts of sexual assault in a Connecticut courtroom, when the defense used what they called "their only option."

According to the CT Post, Desmond James of New Haven exposed his penis in court on the advice of his lawyers to prove he was not involved in a sex crime.

The plaintiff had told police that the man who attacked her was African-American, but his penis had a lighter shade than the rest of his skin. This forced the defense into some odd territory, asking their reluctant client to show the jury.

If you are the defense attorney and one of the key pieces of evidence that can convict your client is a distinct color difference in their pants, you are in a weird place. You have to ask your client if this is the case, they say no, then you have to ask to see it so you are certain you are not walking into a courtroom backfire. You then need to convince a judge to let this happen in court and finally, convince your client to do it.

All of that happened in what must have been an extremely bizarre and awkward moment for everyone, and the stunt worked. After three hours of jury deliberation, the jurors found Desmond James not guilty.

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