No kidding, this is a bill that I seriously hopes passes. Just say no to smoking.

In my mind, anything that can be done to curb cigarette smoking, should be done. Here's the latest plan for the state of Connecticut.

We could be the next state to raise the age of tobacco sales. In a report from, there was recently a push in Hartford to pass a bill that would raise the age to buy tobacco from 18-years-old to the age of 21.

Maine, New Jersey and California are a few states that have already raised the age. The thought that many have is that changing the legal age to buy cigarettes and stopping underage smoking will help cut smoking rates down the line. Sen. Mae Flexer, one of the Democrats sponsoring the bill, told

Studies show that people who choose to start smoking start smoking before the age of 21 so this is a critical step in preventing smoking throughout our state

We know how strong and persuasive the tobacco industry is. But when you look at smoking cessation programs and youth based movements like hoping to make an impact on generations to come, with the message of, Let's Be The Generation To Finish It, hopefully 2018 will see real change.

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