If you've ever gotten the feeling that you're surrounded by a bunch of dummies, it probably didn't happen in Connecticut. According to a new report, most of your neighbors here have put in the work, and Connecticut has now been named the fourth most educated state in all of the US for 2024.

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According to WalletHub.com, the just released Most & Least Educated States in America 2024 has Connecticut near the top of the their list of Most Educated. To arrive at their rankings, WalletHub compared data from all 50 states across 18 key indicators of a well-educated population, including quality of schools, high school diploma holders, rank of educational attainment, and quality of the education students received. Connecticut landed at number four, with a overall score of 73.51. Who beat us? Maryland came in third, Vermont at second best, and WalletHub has named our neighbor Massachusetts the Most Educated State in America for 2024.

Connecticut led the way in a couple of WalletHub's 18 indicators, coming in at #1 overall in Average University Quality, and #3 in Overall Quality of Education. New England has captured 6 out of the top 20, with #1 - Massachusetts, 2- Vermont, 4 - Connecticut, 8 - New Hampshire, 16 - Rhode Island, and Maine coming in as the #19th Most Educated state for 2024.

The least educated US states for 2024? #48 - Louisiana, #49 - Mississippi, and #50 - West Virginia. To put it in perspective from Best to Worst, #1 Massachusetts overall has twice as many Bachelor's Degree Holders than #50 West Virginia. Even though I haven't been in a classroom since 1988, I still learn something new every single day.

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