Connecticut is one of only a handful of states that have received a green rating for helping to make strides battling COVID-19.

Why is Connecticut near the top in the continued fight against COVID-19 along with New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Illinois? During Governor Lamont's press briefing, he explained a couple of reasons why. He stated that "CT is in the top 10 overall per capita when it comes to testing." The following is a quote from the website,  

I can't stop saying how impressed I am at the people of Connecticut for listening to the advice of public health professionals and taking the appropriate actions to bend the curve.

The Governor went on to stress that even though Connecticut is doing an exemplary job of fighting the pandemic, it's not over. He said that we need to "continue doing our part to prevent a renewed spread of the virus."

On a personal note, I'm with the Governor. Everywhere I go, whether it's the grocery store or lunch or dinner at an outdoor restaurant, everyone is masked up as it should be. That's why Connecticut leads the way in the fight against COVID-19.

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