Connecticut's problems continue to mount with the cost of childcare through the roof.

According to a new survey commissioned by the New York Times, parents are having fewer kids because of the cost of daycare. According to the Economic Policy Institute, Connecticut has the sixth highest cost for daycare in the nation. This next stat will blow the minds of moms and dads thinking about having a kid and then plan on returning to work fulltime.

The average cost of infant care in Connecticut is $1,157 a month! That works out to be $13,880 per year! That's insane! In the survey, 64% said the cost of childcare is too expensive. 49% said they worry about the economy and 44% said they simply can't afford more children.

For a 'typical' family in Connecticut, infant care would eat up 16% of that family's income. Connecticut is one of 33 states where infant care is more per year than 4 years of in-state college tuition.

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